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The Shore Of Mystery


24th February 2023, 04:30 am - 26th February 2023, 08:30 am

This a non-technical event based on the book & movie ‘A Journey to the Mysterious Island’. Our journey spans across three rounds where you will use your logical reasoning skills to decipher riddles, solve mysteries and attain victory! Come along as we voyage through various terrains, decrypt mysterious scrolls and claim the treasures of old hidden in boobytrapped caves.


24th February, 04:30 am - 24th February, 01:30 pm 2023

The best thing about a voyage is that they never go as planned! This round gives you a taste of a journey that has shades of survival, mystery and adventure.
Zone 1 (Water): The pirates catch you as soon as you reach the island. Until the chief pirate’s task is done, you cannot proceed with the journey. So, be prepared to impress the chief!
Zone 2 (Land): Survival is the key, and having adequate resources is a must. Your search for resources begins here. Flip two cards, and if they are identical, add the resource to your survival kit. Collect four resources and fill the kit.
Zone 3 (Forest): Heavy rain, bright sun, and wind make you realize the need for shelter and a safe space to rest in. Gather some wood and build a safe space for resources. If you fall short of material, you can answer some questions and get more.

Venue: TP 401/402