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Ca(t)che the Code


24th February 2023, 04:30 am - 26th February 2023, 08:30 am

This is not a regular technical event that simply tests your coding skills, but one curated specially to appeal to the quirkier side of coders. Each round will test how firm your grip is and how quick you are on your feet. The codes are jumbled like a deck of cards and you must sway with the rhythm as you dive in nose first to decrypt the lines of code.


Laptop & charger, Languages: Python


24th February, 04:30 am - 24th February, 12:30 pm 2023

In round 1 we bring your technical instincts and spontaneity out of the screen and onto the table. You will be given a set of 10-20 lines of jumbled code written on strips which you then need to decipher quicker than flash and place in order to hit the bull’s eye.

Venue: TP 904