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Rush Hour


24th February 2023, 04:30 am - 26th February 2023, 08:30 am

Rush Hour is a technical event featuring three rounds. The teams will not only be tested on their general trivia knowledge and the efficiency of their coding skills but also their ability to think strategically under pressure. It’s a battle to determine the best squad. If you think that’s yours, come and find out!


Languages: Python and C, Laptops & Charger


24th February, 04:30 am - 24th February, 12:30 pm 2023

They say two heads are better than one, but you’ve got three! Three in a squad, one die per teammate, work together to make strategic guesses about whether the sum of three dice rolled will be greater than, less than or equal to 9. You get 10 guesses and an equal number of questions. Your ability to guess correctly will affect the points you earn on answering the questions. A perfect mixture of smarts and luck.

Venue: SIIC Hall